One thought on “Episode 1 – Casuals Converge!

  1. My first gaming system was the atari and the games I played was combat and pac man. When it came to computers I started playing games in 6th grade on an apple 2e clone at achool. The game of choice was Montezuma’s revenge. The first console that I purchased was the Playstation which I also acquired from working at Mc-Nam. Final fantasy 7 was an amazing story and game. I know my responses are very stream of consciousness like…but whatever. ..and the game that connected the most for me as far as it concerns multilayer games is Doom. For both the Playstation and computer I enjoyed the savage hell and blasphemy that this game brought. Although many games of hate and bitterness came later…it was the first that continues to give me fond memories. I enjoy your conversations and look forward to future conglomerates of whimsy and nerdiness.

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